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Vendor Partner - EFS

Vendor Partner - EFS

The EFS MasterCard® Corporate Card provides 1-800-SWEEPER Partners a single card solution to manage and control spending in the areas of fleet purchasing or T&E on one platform, with flexible card management tools that put individualized spending controls in your hands.  Our EFS Fleet Card deal helps improve productivity and performance by delivering enhanced fuel & maintenance expense management.

Dashboards and customized reporting helps 1-800-Partners significantly improve compliance and reduce unauthorized employee purchases. The EFS credit card offers the ability to manage and control transactions and purchases from a macro-level down to a single card.

Specific benefits include:

  • Change purchasing authorization and spending criteria quickly and easily.
  • Gain automated real-time data for corporate card transactions
  • Control cards with individualized category and spending limits
  • Leverage customized reporting and analyze spending patterns
  • Consolidate spending and manage purchasing information through a centralized platform
  • Global card acceptance


For more information contact:

Andy Williams