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Vendor Partner - Eagle Eye Tracking

Vendor Partner - Eagle Eye Tracking

Providing Solutions for Managing a Mobile Workforce

Eagle Eye Tracking was developed by sweeping companies to integrate multiple features into one seamless web based and easy to use operating platform delivering solutions to common industry needs identified by users, such as;

  • Improve Efficiency with Paperless Communication & Reporting
  • Instant Productivity Tracking by Day(s), Week(s) or Month(s).
  • Flexible Job Scheduling & Route Planning
  • Reduce Administrative Costs with Auto Posting
  • Eliminate Billing Errors & Lost Paperwork Resulting in Improved Collections
  • Control Overtime & Idle Time

Simple – Intuitive – Effective

Free – No Obligation Access to the Enterprise platform.

With Eagle Eye Tracking, GPS stands for;

Guaranteed Performance Satisfactionsm

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