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Since 1992, family owned and operated Immaculate Power Sweeping, LLC has served the parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, and property maintenance needs of the Pelham, New Hampshire area. Immaculate Power Sweeping combines the region’s most extensive, efficient and modern fleet of Schwarze S-Series sweepers, XORA time track GPS database technology, and a staff of professionally trained operators to make short work of all of the Manchester area’s sweeping service needs.

In addition to membership in the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA), Immaculate Power Sweeping consistently earns high marks for exceptional service as one of the nation’s TOP 100 Sweeping Companies and as a TOP 100 Contractor by Pavement Magazine.

Whether you require one-time emergency service, or nightly, weekly, monthly, or quarterly sweeping programs, Immaculate Power Sweeping will custom-tailor a sweeping service program that fits your needs and budget. We provide sweeping service to a wide range of businesses in the Pelham, NH area, including shopping malls and strip centers, property management companies, office parks, municipalities, schools, industrial complexes, apartment communities and HOA’s, and more.


  • Catch Basin Replacement / Rebuild
  • Hauling and Disposal
  • Industrial / Warehouse Sweeping & Scrubbing
  • Mechanical Broom Sweeping
  • Municipal Street Sweeping
  • Nightly Litter Control Vacuum Sweeping
  • Porous Pavement Vacuum Sweeping
  • Pot Hole Repair
  • Road & General Construction Sweeping for Lowell Area Contractors

Construction Sweeping
Pelham, NH area contractors know their local 1-800-SWEEPER Partner provides reliable 24/7 Construction Sweeping Service to help meet their challenges of today’s construction climate.  Construction sweeping needs are easily outsourced to 1-800-SWEEPER keeping your crew productive, safe and compliant at your construction job sites near Pelham, NH.

Environmental Impact
Environmental regulations in the Pelham, NH area requires focused and specific efforts to eliminate or mitigate sources of contamination to our streams, lakes and air. Commercial properties, industrial facilities, construction companies and HOAs near Pelham, NH are required to have fugitive dust control plans in place at their sites.  Contact 1-800-SWEEPER for the best local sweeper service near you.

Industrial Sweeping
The paved surfaces found throughout industrial facilities in the Pelham, NH area typically requires routine sweeping services to minimize fugitive dust that causes a negative environmental impact on the surrounding community, while maintaining compliance with local permitting mandates. Additionally, cleaner work site areas result in increased employee morale, productivity and safety.

Milling and Paving Sweeping
Pelham, NH area project superintendents have multiple responsibilities that require staying on schedule. Milling clean-up must be dependable and efficient to allow the operation to move on to the next phase of the project. Delays caused by sweeper breakdowns from equipment operated by milling and paving contractors is common and costly. Let the professionals at 1-800-SWEEPER take care of your milling clean-up needs to allow your crew to focus on their core responsibilities rather than the clean-up, call 1-800-SWEEPER today!

Municipal Street Sweeping
Local Pelham, NH municipalities constantly look for new and innovative ways to stretch tax dollars further and street superintendents are eyeing street sweeping costs throughout Pelham, NH with more scrutiny. Maintaining a street sweeper is expensive and increased environmental mandates have prompted many in the Pelham, NH area to turn to professional sweeping contractors for street sweeping services.

Parking Garage Sweeping
Not only do Pelham, NH area 1-800-SWEEPER Partners provide sweeping, scrubbing, and pressure washing services for parking lots, but for parking garages in Pelham, NH too.  To stay competitive and make a lasting impression, a clean and safe environment is essential to attracting and maintaining quality tenants and customers.

Parking Lot Sweeping
Pelham, NH area shopping centers and office parks rely on parking lot cleaning and parking garage sweeping services to maintain a positive first impression. In today’s challenging economic climate, maintaining clean and safe parking facilities is no longer just a good idea… it is a requirement.  Call 1-800-SWEEPER for your parking lot sweeping near Pelham, NH today!

Permeable Pavement Cleaning
Maintenance of permeable pavement throughout Pelham, NH requires proper sweeping up to 8 times per year, depending on the potential for clogging in the specific location which can be caused by vegetation, garbage, and traffic volume among other reasons.

Power Washing
1-800-SWEEPER service Partners near Pelham, NH provide pressure washing services, also referred to as power washing to clean and cleanse commercial, retail and industrial properties, hospital and parking facilities.  Click here to find a power washing service provider near Pelham, NH today!

Residential Street Sweeping
Home Owner Associations and Street Superintendents near Pelham, NH recognize the value of street sweeping. Residents know that Clean Streets are safe streets! Enhance property values and promote community pride with the best street sweeping services in the Pelham, NH area.

Warehouse Scrubbing
Employee pride and care in workplaces, for the facilities throughout Pelham, NH, is often tied to how well maintained you keep the working environment – including the floors. Regularly scheduled sweeping and scrubbing of your Pelham, NH area plant or warehouse floors keeps dust and dirt from irritating employees and interfering with electronic and mechanical equipment performance.

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