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SFM Services, Inc.
7500 NW 74th Ave.
Medley, FL 33166

SFM has been in the cleaning business for over 40 years. They have a fleet of vacuum street sweepers to service parking lots, parking garages, city streets and construction sites. We have the industry’s best equipment, which also includes real-time GPS to validate speed and serviced areas. We offer customized reporting for our clients based on client needs. Our drivers receive OSHA certified training sessions on defensive driving, as well as other related on job safety training. We are available for one-time projects or maintenance scheduled services. The SFM in-house service mechanics provide preventive maintenance to the fleet to make sure they’re always ready to service our clients.

Additional services that we provide:
Pressure Washing
Event Management
Window Cleaning
Post Construction Cleanup
Landscaping Services
Disaster Recovery

Miami, Florida, Street Sweeping Companies

Specializing in Power Sweeping Services – Parking Lot Cleaning – Parking Lot Sweeping – Street Sweeping

Power sweeping services are essential to the appearance and infrastructure development and maintenance of a city like Miami, Florida. From parking lot sweeping services, to municipal street cleaning and road construction sweeping, Miami and nearby cities in Florida have trusted the network of power sweeping professionals at 1-800Sweeper. When you are looking for “ street sweeping services near me ”, you have only one number to call to get a fast quote by the industry’s leading street sweeping companies, and that’s 1-800 Sweeper.

1-800 Sweeper’s network of contractors are educated and experienced industry leaders, in sync with current power sweeping services and provisions, including those set by NAPSA, a national association committed to promoting and educating the power sweeping community while enhancing the environment. Our network of sweeping contractors has also committed large capital resources for the appropriate power sweeping equipment needed for all types of specialty parking lot and street sweeping work. From sweeping roads and constructions sites to shopping mall parking lots and warehouses, our partner’s companies have the right equipment to meet all your sweeping needs.

Contact your local Miami, Florida Sweeping Service Contractor and know you have hired a reliable, independently owned and operated, sweeping company that has earned the business and respect of national and regional facility management companies, regional home builders, municipalities, the Florida highway departments and local area contractors in the cities of Florida, including Clearwater, Daytona, Jacksonville and Orlando.


Construction Sweeping
Local Miami area contractors know their local 1-800-SWEEPER Partner provides reliable 24/7 Construction Sweeping Service to help meet their challenges of today’s construction climate.  Construction sweeping needs are easily outsourced to 1-800-SWEEPER keeping your crew productive, safe and compliant at your construction job sites near Miami.

Municipal Street Sweeping
Miami area municipalities constantly look for new and innovative ways to stretch tax dollars further and street superintendents are eyeing street sweeping costs throughout Miami with more scrutiny. Maintaining a street sweeper is expensive and increased environmental mandates have prompted many in the nearby Miami area to turn to professional sweeping contractors for street sweeping services.

Parking Garage Sweeping
Not only do Miami area 1-800-SWEEPER Partners provide sweeping, scrubbing, and pressure washing services for parking lots, but for parking garages in and around Miami too.  To stay competitive and make a lasting impression, a clean and safe environment is essential to attracting and maintaining quality tenants and customers. 

Parking Lot Sweeping
Shopping centers and office parks throughout Miami rely on parking lot cleaning and parking garage sweeping services to maintain a positive first impression. In today’s challenging economic climate, maintaining clean and safe parking facilities is no longer just a good idea… it is a requirement.  Call 1-800-SWEEPER for your parking lot sweeping near Miami today!

Power Washing
1-800-SWEEPER service Partners near Miami and throughout SE Florida provide pressure washing services, also referred to as power washing to clean and cleanse commercial, retail and industrial properties, hospital and parking facilities.  Click here to find a power washing service provider near Miami today!

Residential Street Sweeping
Home Owner Associations and Street Superintendents near Miami recognize the value of street sweeping. Residents know that Clean Streets are safe streets! Enhance property values and promote community pride with the best street sweeping services in the Miami area.

Warehouse Scrubbing
Employee pride and care in workplaces, for the facilities throughout Miami, is often tied to how well maintained you keep the working environment – including the floors. Regularly scheduled sweeping and scrubbing of your Miami and SE Florida area plant or warehouse floors keeps dust and dirt from irritating employees and interfering with electronic and mechanical equipment performance.

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