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Permeable Pavement Flow Rate Calculator

1-800-SWEEPER has created a publicly accessible sweeping industry “tool” in the form of a water infiltration CALCULATOR. The calculator is based on an established test which allows a contractor to assess the current water flow-through rate of a porous pavement surface. The test apparatus and 12″ ring test instructions below are simple to assemble and follow. The test allows for a consistent measurement over time, and comparison to the originally engineered flow rate of the pervious surface.

Date: 06/25/24
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Required Materials

  1. 12" Diameter Plastic Pipe / 2 Feet Long (NOTE: Interior diameter =~11.75”)
  2. Plumber's Putty
  3. 5-gallon Bucket
  4. Stop Watch
  5. Water-proof Marker

Infiltration Ring Testing Procedure

  • Using the waterproof marker, create a line, 1/2 inch from one end of the 12” pipe. This end will be used as the bottom of the test chamber.
  • Pre-wet the pavement area you will be testing.
  • Using plumber’s putty to seal and hold in place, set the 12" diameter pipe on the pavement surface.
  • Using the 5-gallon bucket, pour all 5 gallons of water into the pipe while maintaining a 1/2" head of water at the bottom of the pipe.
  • Use the stop watch to record the total time IN SECONDS to pass 5 gallons of water through the porous surface of the pavement.
  • Repeat the test within 5 minutes, and average the 2 times.

Enter your AVERAGED time in seconds into the cell below:

The RESULTS BELOW gives you the flow rate expressed in inches of rain/hour:

This test is designed to show rain water acceptance or flow-through rate expressed in Inches Per Hour (IPH). The calculations should be used in comparison to the originally engineered water acceptance rate when the pervious surface was constructed.

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