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1-800-SWEEPER Marketing Toolkit

Welcome to the Marketing Toolkit!

The purpose of the Marketing Toolkit is to provide Partners with materials to co-brand the 1-800-SWEEPER logo with your own company logo. It is designed to aid our Partners in keeping our branding consistent throughout the organization and to provide examples of co-branding with your company.  Continuity is important in brand building, there is a right way and a wrong way to use the powerful 1-800-SWEEPER logo. The following will assist you with your design elements; font, color and size, all important components when using logos.

Below you will find:

  1. Brand Guide
  2. Truck logo Placement
  3. Co-Branded Business Cards
  4. Co-Branded Letterhead
  5. Co-Branded Email Signature
  6. Co-Branded Direct Mail Postcards
  7. Videos
All the materials included in the toolkit can be forwarded and printed by your local printer or, if you’d prefer, we can do the set up and printing for you. Our vendor partner, Advance Advertising, has most Partner logos. Let Carolyn Bell know if you need assistance at We can provide pricing and timelines for you on a project by project basis. Partners – Click Here to Access the Password Protected Area and Login to Download Files  

Brand Guidelines

This guide documents the proper way to use the 1-800-SWEEPER logos, the colors and fonts.  This guide is useful to send along to your local printer with anything you have printed to ensure color and consistency. There are also examples of how not to display the 1-800-SWEEPER logo.

1-800-SWEEPERBrandGuideBrand Guidelines4CSweeperVertFull Color LogoSweeperVertRevWhite LogoSweeperVertBlackBlack Logo

Truck Logo Placement

Take advantage of your exclusive use of our powerful lead generating vanity number by promoting the 1-800-SWEEPER brand and logos locally on your equipment. In the guide are samples of a broom truck and a smaller parking lot sweeper for placement and size reference. The art files are provided in a vector format, a format preferred by printers, and are available here for download. These should be made out of vinyl (can also be reflective) and are easy to apply to your trucks by your shop team.

SweeperTruckDecalGuideTruck Decal Guidelines1800TruckDecalLogoTruck Decal Logo

Business Cards

We have created a co-branded template to use with your existing business card. Use the company side with any format you already have in place, or use our example layout and insert your logo.  We are happy to layout your cards for you and handle the printing or download the files and work with your local printer.

1-800-SWEEPERBCfrontBusiness Card Front1-800-SWEEPERBCback-1Business Card Back

Download Files Here

Business Card Files


For those Partners who would like a co-branded letterhead that coordinates with the business card, please use this template for your business letterhead.  The layout is in the attached Microsoft Word document.


Download Files Here

1-800-SWEEPER Letterhead

Email Signature

For added continuity of co-branding, we recommend that you include the 1-800-SWEEPER logo and phone number in the signature line of your emails. Here is an example of what that could look like.  While all email systems are different, your company IT person can add this for you or you can add it yourself in the “options” tab of your email provider.

1-800-SWEEPER-Email-Signature-GuidelineEmail Signature Guideline1-800-SWEEPER-Email-Signature-LogoEmail Signature Logo

Direct Mail Postcards: 5" x 7” Inch Cards

These postcards are for fall and spring clean ups, as well as two examples of services. Our set up is intended to leave the 1-800-SWEEPER side as is and have the second side represent your company’s local message and services.

Like the business cards and letterhead, we would be happy to set these up for you and get them printed. Please contact Carolyn Bell with your project and we will work through the steps to determine the best way to accomplish your goals.

1-800-SWEEPERPCFallFall Front1-800-SWEEPERPCMunicipalityMunicipality Front1-800-SWEEPERPCSpringSpring Front1-800-SWEEPERPCParkingLotParking Lot Front1-800-SWEEPERPCBackBack for All Versions


These are excellent videos to help explain the value of 1-800-SWEEPER, as well as what working as a sweeper driver entails. Please feel free to use these for your website or social media platforms.

Employment: (Internal Facing)
Night Driver:
Day Driver:

Why Sweep: (Customer Facing)
What is 1-800-SWEEPER:
About 800:
Clean Zone:
Cleaning Impact:
Become a Partner:
The Importance of Power Sweeping, Introducing Sweeper Man: 
The Right People, Sweeper Man: 
Construction Superintendent, Sweeper Man: 
Facility Property Manager, Sweeper Man: 
Highway Superintendent, Sweeper Man: 
Public Works Director, Sweeper Man: 
Right Equipment, Sweeper Man: 
Continuous Education, Sweeper Man: 
Ethical Standards, Sweeper Man: 
Involved Vendors, Sweeper Man: 
Customer Satisfaction, Sweeper Man: