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Clean Sweep, Inc.

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Clean Sweep, Inc.

Clean Sweep, Inc has provided parking lot sweeping, pavement maintenance, and related property management service to the greater Baton Rouge area since 1990. In addition to sweeping services, Clean Sweep offers seal coating, crack and joint sealing, pressure washing, floor scrubbing, large item removal, day portering, parking lot striping, line removal, sign installation, concrete repair, infrared asphalt repair, landscaping and mowing, and other services by request.

Our Services Include:
  • Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Construction Sweeping & Cleanup for New Orleans Area Contractors
  • Street Sweeping / Highway Sweeping
  • Industrial Sweeping
  • Municipal Street Sweeping
  • Warehouse Sweeping & Scrubbing

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Clean Sweep, Inc.

4300 Groom Rd
Baker, LA 70714

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