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1-800-SWEEPER Affiliate Program

Watch our Partners describe the benefits they received
by joining the 1-800-SWEEPER network.

1-800-SWEEPER Affiliate Program

for Sweeping Companies in Smaller Metro Markets

Shared knowledge and substantial buying group discounts are driving greater success and profitability – market-by-market for Power Sweeping companies that are Partners in 1-800-SWEEPER.

If you like the idea of taking part in the incredible marketing and savings opportunities enjoyed by over 50 other independent sweeping companies, but you are in a small market*, our Affiliate status may be just what you’ve been looking for to become part of the ONLY co-op in the power sweeping industry.

Announced in January 2018, your sweeping company can now apply to become a 1-800-SWEEPER Affiliate.

For only $295 a month, your independent sweeping service business can co-brand your company with the BEST number in our industry AND take part in all these additional Affiliate member benefits:

  • Enjoy complete access 1-800-SWEEPER exclusive buying group discounts from over 25 vendors.
  • You are Invited to all 1-800-SWEEPER exclusive events.
  • Participate in Sweeper Summit industry benchmarking.
  • Your company is represented on 1800sweeper.com (the highest revenue producing website in the power sweeping industry)
  • Receive leads from our call center and website

You also retain first right of refusal to become a full 1-800-SWEEPER Partner representing your area code if you choose down the line.

*Qualified AFFILIATE Sweeper company candidates are domiciled in a metro area code that has a population under 700k within 60 miles. Candidate companies also require 1-800-SWEEPER board approval.
If you are interested, just reach out to Carolyn Bell, National Marketing Manager We’ll give you the complete tour and show you how shared knowledge is driving greater success and profitability – market-by-market.

Want to see some of the basics before we talk? Watch our 4-minute intro video below: