Vendor Partner – Superior Tire

Vendor Partner - Superior Tire

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.

Founded in 1964, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of polyurethane and rubber industrial components for the material handling, construction, agricultural, military and mining industries. All of Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.’s product offerings are proudly engineered and produced in the USA on state of the art processing and machining equipment, overseen by quality management systems registered to ISO 9001:2008. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. also owns multiple patents on many innovative products that have become new industry standards. 

superior-tire-50-yrWith comprehensive experience gained for over a half century, we provide:

  • In-depth knowledge and extensive inventory of elastomer choices
  • In-house design, technical modeling and design support services
  • Linear, non-linear mechanical and thermal analysis using Algor FEA and custom software tools
  • Complete casting library for all industrial drive manufacturers


superior-tire-1Polyurethane & Rubber Street Sweeper Wear Parts

  • Lower Replacement Cost
  • Impact Damage Resistant
  • Highest Abrasion Resistance and Longest Wear-Life
  • Increased Performance & Efficiency
  • Over Half a Century of Industry Experience

superior-tire-2Polyurethane Winter Wear Parts

  • Longer Wear-Life
  • Flexibility Even at a Freezing -35° F Temperature
  • Reduce Costly Repairs to Obstacles & Road Surfaces
  • Highest Quality with Immediate Availability

Contact info:

Tony Hasselman
1-800-289-1456 ext. 102

Cindy Hook
1-800-289-1456 ext. 233