Parking Garage Sweeping Service

Parking Garage Sweeping

Why is Parking Garage Sweeping so important?

1-800-SWEEPER Partners provide the best sweeping, scrubbing, and pressure washing services for parking garages. To stay competitive and make a lasting impression, a clean  environment is essential to attracting quality tenants and customers

Value in Parking Garage Sweeping

As important as it is to remove oils, salt and debris from your parking garage on a routine basis, 1-800-SWEEPER also understands the cost of this service in your annual maintenance budget can be a concern. When you hire a 1-800-SWEEPER Partner for your parking garage sweeping and site maintenance, you can be assured that you will meet your tenant and customer expectations and stay within budget.

Continual vehicle and pedestrian traffic in your parking structure results in dirt, dust, and litter accumulation. The build-up of oils, and debris that are ignored by an owner can quickly deteriorate your property and get tracked into your building, negatively affecting your property’s image, brand and value.

Spring Cleaning to Remove Salt Sediments

Structural engineers, who design parking structures, emphasize the importance of scheduling a deep cleaning of parking garages in the spring to remove winter’s salt sediments that can corrode the concrete surface and subsurface creating costly repairs.  Maintaining a consistent preventative professional sweeping, scrubbing and pressure washing maintenance program has been proven to extend the life-span of parking garage surfaces and exterior areas, ultimately saving you time and money.

COVID 19 Cleaning to Remove Debris

During this pandemic, our awareness of cleanliness is heightened and will continue to be a public focus for the foreseeable future. Contact 1-800-SWEEPER to maintain spotless parking garages, stairwells and entrances. Now more than ever, a crisp clean appearance is a measure of your business’s respect for the safety and welfare of the surrounding community. Due to reduced traffic, caused by stay at home mandates, this is also an excellent time to deep clean parking structures.

Customized Services

1-800-SWEEPER Partners offer customized plans for commercial parking garage owners to maintain their facilities. We consider your operating hours, garage traffic patterns and the debris accumulation levels to match the right equipment and manpower for your job. Our Partners have proven results to meet your commercial parking garage sweeping needs.

With only one or two entrances or exits, an emergency spill or accident in a parking garage can be frustrating. Our sweeping service Partners are available 24 / 7 / 365 to clean your parking structure so traffic can quickly and safely resume.

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