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Introducing Ben Steyer, Executive Director

May 9, 2014

Introducing Ben Steyer, Executive Director

Gregg  Blair

Ben Steyer

1-800-SWEEPER is proud to introduce our new Director of Operations, Ben Steyer. Gregg developed a keen understanding of our industry during his 11 year stint at Superior Tire and Rubber Corp., where he designed and sold polyurethane and rubber wear parts to the sweeping industry and developed a patent for a polyurethane transition sleeve used in vacuum style street sweepers. Gregg has also served on the Board of Directors for NAPSA and currently serves as the organization’s Treasurer. He studied management at Penn State University, and recently earned his Six Sigma Green Belt from Villanova University and continues making progress toward his Black Belt.

During a recent sit-down, Gregg shared his thoughts on his new position. “I’m so excited to be back in the sweeping industry….you meet fine people in this line of work, but from my perspective, 1-800- SWEEPER partners are the best of the best in this business.” As Director of Operations, Gregg will be primarily responsible for managing our buying group.

According to 1-800-SWEEEPER President Mike Lucht, “We are committed to making it easy for our partners to do business with the vendors in our 1-800-SWEEPER buying group by taking the pain out of the process.  It is our hope that partners who are not fully participating in the co-op program will take advantage of this incredible opportunity.”

Although Gregg was just named to his new position, he plans to hit the ground running. Partners who are not yet fully engaged in the buying group and those confused or frustrated by how the buying group works can expect assistance from Gregg. In the upcoming weeks, Gregg plans to meet with as many partners as possible to become more familiar with their operations to better understand their problems and developing common solutions. Gregg also plans to add a minimum of three new vendor partners by this coming fall’s Sweeper Summit 2014. In addition to these initiatives, Gregg will become your single point-of-contact for all Buying Group purchases. Partners will be able to make one direct call to Gregg or send an email, and he will coordinate all of the details of the set up and purchases with  suppliers and follow-up to make certain the transaction is completed in a timely manner. This step will streamline the purchasing process and ensure rebates are appropriately credited to partner accounts. Finally, Gregg will play a significant role in the upcoming Sweeper Summit. Partners can expect to gain valuable information both on how the 1-800-SWEEPER Buying Group works and how to best leverage this opportunity to achieve significant savings for their companies which will lead to additional opportunities.

Our integrated and professionally administered co-op buying group is the first of its kind in the power sweeping industry. This development may also be our most important milestone since the launch of the 1-800-SWEEPER website. Our three year Painted Picture includes building a buying group with the combined purchasing power of a $150,000,000 company and Gregg’s appointment signals that we are well on our way and confident in achieving our goal.

If you have questions or are in need of direct assistance, we encourage you to contact Gregg for more information on the 1-800-SWEEPER Buying Group. 1-800-SWEEPER partners may reach Gregg by phone at 419- 276-6665 or via email at bsteyer@1800sweeper.com. Please be sure to extend Gregg a hearty 1-800-SWEEPER welcome and stay tuned for more news on this exciting development!