Runway and Airport Sweeping

Runway and Airport Sweeping

Clearing Foreign Object Debris Keeps Your Airport Operations Running Safely

All aircraft require a clean environment to run effectively. Any Foreign Object Debris (FOD) has the potential to shut down an airplane and delay a flight or worse, cause an accident1. For this reason, keeping runways, ramps, aprons and taxiways clear of debris is critical. Active sweeping of these areas is the best practice to prevent incidents. 

According to the aerospace industry $1.1 to $2 Billion is spent annually in direct costs associated with FOD. This does not include the ancillary costs of the issues caused by FOD, that are believed to be 10 times that for a total cost of $12B2. Don’t add preventable costs to your operations, contact 1-800-SWEEPER to support your airport operations.

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Sweeping at Airports Requires Special Attention to Detail

Sweeping an airport requires a special level of attention to the environment. Unlike a road, where there is a set traffic pattern and the lines are generally clear, an airport has vehicles of all shapes and sizes moving sporadically all over the paved areas. 1-800-SWEEPER drivers are expertly trained to operate their vehicles, and those who are assigned to airports specifically recognize that all dimensions of the sweeper are to be considered when sweeping. 

Hire professional drivers and specialized street sweeping trucks to manage your FOD!

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Containing Fluid Runoff for Environmental Regulation

Airports have a special supply of fluids that keep airplanes safe and operational. While these products are necessary for the airline industry, they can cause concern for the environment if they are not properly managed. The intense fuel use, as well as the de-icing fluid including glycol, needs to be contained. Using controlled runoff and regular sweeping ensures the environment is cared for and the airport impact is minimized.

Cleaning Catch Basins to Ensure Effective Stormwater Control

Cleaning the FOD to avoid catch basin clogging is the best preventative maintenance for the storm water runoff. Our 1-800-SWEEPER services include catch basin cleaning. This is an important piece of the overall stormwater control plan and part of your Best Management Practice (BMP). Standing water is not good for airport traffic, thus keeping the storm runoff under control with good landscaping and regular power sweeping maintenance is a winning combination.

We not only sweep the airports and runways, our teams can sweep your parking lots, entry ramps, and parking garages too!

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