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Oklahoma Facility Services, LLC

At Oklahoma Facility Services, we listen to your needs and provide knowledgeable service solutions for your property’s lawn care and external maintenance. We offer a broad range of applications designed to enhance and manage the grounds, paved areas and exteriors of commercial and industrial properties.

A buildup of trash and debris around your property can ruin all of the curb appeal you’ve worked so hard to create. It can also deter your customers from visiting. The easiest solution? Schedule regular sweeping. Oklahoma Facility Services offers reliable street sweeping that will keep up appearances and leave your customers with a fond memory and wanting to return.

But regular street sweeping can do more than keep a smile on a returning customers face, it also works toward the prevention of pavement erosion. By removing elements that can crack and wear down roads over time, regular sweeping protects roads from developing cracks and other signs of wear longer, which keeps overall road maintenance costs down. Oklahoma Facility Services high-quality street sweeping will give you the upper hand on road maintenance and its costs by removing abrasive sand, dirt, and debris from your paved areas.

Our professional technicians are ready to hit the roads and do the dirty work quietly and efficiently with our fleet of state-of-the-art, commercial-grade sweepers. OFS can customize any routine sweeping schedule to your particular needs and is ready to service parking lots, garages and roadways as well as manage sand or storm clean up or even a parade route after the party is over. Whatever your unique requirements, our commercial grade sweepers can take on the challenge. Let OFS keep your roads and parking lots looking clean, professional, and safe for your employees and customers all year round.


Oklahoma Facility Services, LLC

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