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Thesing Power Sweeping, Inc.
224 Blackwood Barnsboro
Sewel, NJ 08080

CALL US: 1-800-758-1381

Thesing, New Jersey Sweeping Service Company

Established in 1988, Thesing Power Sweeping, Inc provides street sweeping and parking lot sweeping services to a wide range of markets, including the new home construction, heavy highway construction and repaving, retail and commercial parking lots, municipalities and more. In addition to parking lot sweeping and street sweeping, Thesing Power Sweeping also offers power washing, mulch blowing, snowplowing, general maintenance, asphalt maintenance, concrete resurfacing and concrete repair.

Thesing Power Sweeping’s fleet and scope of service has evolved from alone one bottom dump Mobil M-9 to 17 street sweepers, six pick up trucks with snow plows, 3 power washing trailers (two are reclamation units), a concrete installation and concrete resurfacing crew. Services were expanded beyond street sweeping in 2008 in response the “Great Recession” and also include line striping, seal coating, crack filling, silt fence installation and other soil erosion control methods for the greater Camden, New Jersey area.


  • Construction Site Sweeping
  • Pavement and Milling Sweeping
  • Parking Lot Power Sweeping
  • Night Sweeping for Parking Lots and Office Complexes
  • Factory & Warehouse Sweeping
  • Catch Basin Cleaning
  • City and County Municipal Street Sweeping

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Thesing Power Sweeping, Inc.
Servicing: New Jersey

  • Bethlahem, PA
  • Camden, NJ
  • Philadelphia, PA

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